CN-240, KM. 147, 22400 MONZÓN, HUESCA - SPAIN 

                                                                                                                                                 Phone: +34 974403311

                                                                                                                                                 Fax: + 34 974402083

Vídeo About us

Carburo del Cinca is an European leading supplier of Calcium Carbide used in the acetylene gas production for welding and cutting, in the desulphurization of sulphur for steel and foundry industries and in the production of specialty chemicals.

We are expanding our activities to other parts of the world.

Carburo del Cinca was born in 1977 with the aim to produce Calcium Carbide for the acetylene industry, and today we wish to be an specialist for the Calcium Carbide covering the acetylene, steel ad foundry and specialty chemicals industries delivering the products and services that our customers are requiring.

We are located in Monzón, Huesca (Spain), near to the main Spanish important ports, Barcelona and Bilbao.

Carburo del Cinca develops all his activities in a responsible manner, protecting the health and safety of his employees, customers and people, with completely respect for the environment.


Calcium Carbide means Carburo del Cinca