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When calcium carbide reacts with water releases acetylene.

For many years this reaction has been the main way for the sintesis of organic compound from an inorganic compound

Today the main application of the acetylene is as a welding gas. Mixed with oxygen It can reach temperatures of up to 3,000 °C

Calcium Carbide Size      
Granulometry  mm. Yield L.C2H2/Kg C2Ca PH3 in acetylene ppm.  
15/80 300 <400  
25/50  300 <400  
15/50 290 <400  

Other sizes on request


Model Capacity Type Mouth
Container IBC 2000 l. Flobin square
Container IBC 1800 l. Flobin square
Container IBC 1500 l. Flobin square
Container IBC 1500 l. Turnbin Round
Container IBC 1000 l. Flobin square
Container IBC 1000 l. Turnbin Round
Drum 220 l. Truncated cone  
Drum 220 l. Cylindrical  
Drum 75 l. Cylindrical  
Box 100 kg. Inner bags 10 kg.